Welcome to DH Research

DH Research is a service offered by the Initiative for Digital Humanities and the UT Libraries Scholars Lab that provides access to basic hosting for faculty and staff digital humanities projects. It is intended primarily to be a sandboxing and prototyping space and a place to host small to medium-sized projects.

What can you do through DH Research?

Set up a Scalar, Mukurtu, Omeka Classic or Omeka S site. Or choose from these 100+ open source applications.

This service is available by request to UT faculty and staff. It is not approved for course-related activities. Faculty and students are strongly encouraged to utilize Canvas for fulfilling their classroom and instructional needs.



DH-Research has a limited staff. We will support faculty in building Omeka and Scalar sites in the following ways: 

  1. Project creation
  2. Hour-long project management consultation 
  3. Hour-long onboarding call
  4. Access to online tutorials, documentation, and examples
  5. Basic troubleshooting
  6. 2 Gigabytes storage